All Ears AcuBalance, LLC​

Ear Acupuncture Detoxification Services

Lansing, Michigan

What to Expect during an Acu-Session

1. Client must read consent form and provide signature prior to treatment. 

2. Client will clean their own ears with alcohol swab.

3. Specialist will use prepackaged, sanitized, disposable needles for treatment.

4. Five needles will be inserted into each ear, for a total of ten needles. Needling procedure takes less than 5  minutes.

5. Needles will be left in ears for 30-40 minutes. Clients can relax, meditate, sleep, etc. Eyes can be left open or closed.
6. Specialist will keep track of time and inform client when it is time to remove needles.

7. Once needles are removed, ears will be checked for delayed bleeding. If bleeding occurs, client will be given cotton ball and instructed to hold it on the area for a brief moment.

8. Payment will be made after session is completed.
*As a normal part of  detoxification, client may feel drowsy/sleepy after session. Allow the body to relax  and drink plenty of water afterward*