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What is Acupuncture Detoxification (Acudetox)?

Auricular acupuncture is based on the theory that there are points for the entire body mapped out on the ear’s surface. NADA, an educational not-for-profit corporation, developed a standardized ear-needling technique to enhance behavioral health and wellness.

The Acudetox protocol uses five points on each ear: Sympathetic, Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, Lungs
The five points used in Acudetox treatment were chosen based upon Oriental medical theory and clinician indication, as well as lower electrical resistance and pain sensitivity. All of the five points serve to balance the body’s energy and assist the body’s healing processes. Together, the combined effect of the five-point protocol is, as referred to in Oriental medicine as a yin “tonification”, restoring the calm inner qualities akin to serenity.

In general, needling the Sympathetic and Shen Men points produces calming, relaxing and centering effects. The other three points, Kidney, Liver and Lung, correspond to yin organ systems in Oriental medicine. The yin organs are seen as internal, nourishing, nurturing, restorative, and supportive. They store the vital substances such as energy and essence. In modern Western Medicine, the kidney, liver, and lungs (organs of elimination) are related to detoxification and cleansing. 

Information Retrieved from National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Training Manual ©NADA 2011